I specialise in websites and innovative learning environments.


I have made or been involved in the creation of websites for schools and churches the past 16 years. In the early days of the Internet I have coded whole websites in HTML but nowadays I like to use a content management system such as WordPress to get the job done. This enables the client to keep the website dynamic and mobile-friendly – the days of static, desktop-only websites for schools and churches are long gone!

Here are some examples:

Please email me if you need assistance with your school or church’s website or web presence.

Innovative learning environments

I can offer affordable help, training and advise on:

  • Bring Your Own Device
  • Digital and Collaborative Learning
  • Modern Learning Environments
  • Google Apps for Education
  • Office 365 for Education

Email address: barend@sites4him.com

Social media presence: http://about.me/barendblom